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Chevalier Ballet is committed to giving you the experience, education, and opportunity to equip you for your career — as a professional dancer. 

In 2021 Chevalier Ballet started a brand new trainee program called CBC Chevalier Ballet Conservatory. Our mission is to give young graduate dancers the opportunity to be part of a professional touring company, while working with the professional dancers within Chevalier Ballet company. CBC Chevalier Ballet Conservatory is a trainee program with a 1-2 year commitment for dancers who are preparing for a professional career in the dance field. The goal of this program is to create professional artists while still perfecting their ballet training. The dancers will train alongside and perform with professional dancers within Chevalier Ballet Company. In addition, extra enhancement classes are given including contemporary, pilates and yoga.  

The CBC Chevalier Ballet Conservatory trainee program is the perfect bridge from conservatory life into full company life. It is structured to give you the best possible post-graduate education and career start. 

Daily Conservatory Activities

The daily trainee activities include classes and rehearsals in the early part of the day with the Chevalier Ballet company, as well as optional extra pilates, yoga, and contemporary classes in the afternoons. 

CBC trainee program dancers are given mentoring and coaching. Together we’ll address any technical issues that will help you transition to company standards. You will also be working with some highly esteemed ‘guest’ teachers and receive additional coaching from company dancers.


CBC trainees are evaluated each year by Chevalier Ballet Artistic staff to receive detailed feedback on their progress. Trainees who successfully graduate from the program receive individual career advice, assistance, and mentoring towards a career in dance and professional performance. Graduating trainees are seriously considered for apprenticeship positions in Chevalier Ballet as they become available, though such positions are not guaranteed.

How to Apply

To audition for the CBC Chevalier Ballet Conservatory trainee program, you must be between the ages of 18 to 25 years old by 1 October 2022, and have completed an advanced level of ballet training. Stage experience is required. Auditions are accepted year-round.   Audition Videos should include barre, center work, pirouettes, petite and grande allegro. Ladies should include pointe work and gentlemen should include jumps, including tours en l’air and petit allegro with beats and at least one turning combination. Audition videos should be formatted on a DVD and no more than 15-minutes in length. Please label the video with the applicant's Name, Age, Mailing Address, Email Address, Phone Number, and Years of Training. 


Please include a $35.00 processing fee and send your application to:


CBC Chevalier Ballet Conservatory

Attn: Sara Knight, Artistic Director

200 East 89 Street, #26H

NY, NY  10128

Audition Inquiries. Please address all audition inquiries to, and use the subject line 'CBC Chevalier Ballet Conservatory Trainee Program Audition.'


Application Deadline — Applications accepted throughout the year.

Our 2022/2023 season begins in October and runs through May.


CBC trainee program’s tuition is kept reasonable with the intent of facilitating accessibility for a broad range of dancers. We are fully aware of the necessity for trainees to work to cover their expenses while attending the program and that paying tuition on top of their expenses can be tough. 2022/2023 Trainees pay $625 per month from October-May inclusive, for a total of $5,000 per year.


Room and Board 

Housing is available upon request. Please email for more information.

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