Chevalier Ballet, LLC, established in 2018 in New York City, under the artistic direction of Sara Knight, is the official ballet 

company of The Strand Theatre, located in Hudson Falls, NY as part of Hudson River Music Hall Productions, Inc. a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.


It provides professional touring experience for select students of SLK Ballet (the official training school of Chevalier Ballet) and

select audition candidates.

Chevalier Ballet Company dancers gain experience by performing and bringing their professionalism and artistry to a wide audience through touring, workshops, residencies, and cultural exchanges.


It's mission is to create the perfect environment for young dancers to hone their performing skills and gain experience as they bring the love they have for the art form to a wide array of audiences.  Chevalier Ballet tours locally and internationally with a variety of offerings, that can consist of full in-theater performances, narrated in-school or family performances, lecture/demonstrations, master classes and more. Each engagement is tailored to fit the presenter’s and local community’s needs.

Company dancers work closely with members of Chevalier’s Artistic Staff and guest faculty to learn repertoire and other masterworks of both classical and contemporary repertory.


The Company is also an incubator for choreographers who aim to develop new work. Interested choreographers should contact Chevalier’s artistic director at, to discuss their vision. 


Classically trained dancers who are interested in auditioning for Chevalier Ballet are welcome to contact Chevalier Ballet at for more information.


The Company is dedicated to developing the next generation of audience members and aspiring dancers.

Chevalier Ballet Mission Statement


To enrich people’s lives through dance and inspire a lasting love and appreciation for dance through artistic excellence, inspiring performances, innovative choreography and superb educational programs, bringing the joy, beauty, artistry and discipline of classical ballet and contemporary dance to growing local and broad, national, and international audiences.


In addition to our mission statement, we are committed to enhancing and maintaining our status as:


  • A classically trained company with a growing diverse repertory whose range includes the classics as well as contemporary works that speaks to the time in which they are made.

  • A collaborative company that attracts the world's best dancers, choreographers, musicians and composers and provides them with an environment where they can thrive and further develop the art form, to delight and challenge our audiences and motivate their deep loyalty and lifelong generosity. 

  • A company with a world-class affiliated academy, the SLK Ballet School located in NYC, that provides first rate instruction for pre-professional dancers and professional dancers alike. Developing future artists by providing our dancers with all the necessary resources to be their personal best and encouraging students to test their skills by participating in performance around the country as well as internationally, encouraging a culture of performance excellence and creativity at all levels.


This mission is accompanied by a commitment to expand the Company's audience and make ballet accessible to the widest possible public through touring, education programs, the creative use of media, and other outreach efforts.


  1. To provide ballet dancers of Chevalier Ballet with quality rehearsing and performing experiences by: having professionals coach and run the rehearsals; hiring choreographers to set original pieces on the group; presenting well-known classical and neo-classical masterpieces, and having consistent rehearsals with which to hone skills and increase artistry. Company class will supplement the challenging repertoire to help maintain and improve technique and artistry.

  2. To make quality ballet accessible to wide range of audiences by: bringing classical and contemporary work on tour; having multiple performances throughout the year in a variety of locations; and offering affordable ticket prices to the public. We will strive to present the diverse and experimental nature of the current ballet scene through a varied repertoire spanning classical to post-modern along with the classics.

  3. To nurture the dance community as a whole by collaborating with other dance groups and assisting aspiring choreographers.

  4. To promote the arts as a whole by: collaboration with the HRMH Productions, Inc. Music Department and other art departments/groups affiliated with the Hudson River Music Hall.

  5. To cultivate fellowship with community outreach events.