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Photography by Matthew Karas


CBC Chevalier Ballet Conservatory provides a nurturing environment and equal respect for all dancers — and is committed to giving everyone the chance to dance roles aimed at developing one’s unique skill sets.

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Casey Noble, Trainee

"My years with SLK Ballet School  have proved invaluable to my dance training. I have been lucky enough to work with Sara Knight, who has been the most committed and influential teacher I have had in my career thus far. Her extensive knowledge, and deep passion for keeping the art of ballet alive has inspired me every day. In my time with SLK I have been pushed past the limits of what I thought to be possible in my own dancing.


I am grateful to be a part of this new CBC trainee environment that promotes the happiness and well being of both artists and faculty alike. This space that has been created allows each of us the chance to train in a way where quality is not sacrificed for the sake of performance, as well as ensuring that everyone has the chance to dance roles aimed at developing one's unique skill sets. Sara prioritizes building strong, healthy dancers who are passionate about their futures


Amanda Burch, Trainee

“I’m thrilled to be a part of Chevalier Ballet's new trainee program, and grateful for everything Sara Knight has taught me over the past three years at  the SLK Ballet School. Her enthusiasm to the art and technique of dance is an inspiration to all dancers! Her dedication to me and all her students is boundless.  In this industry of sink or swim, she provides a nurturing environment and equal respect for all dancers, no matter what. So I say to you Sara, thanks for providing me with all the tough love I could ever ask for. And, thank you for caring enough to encourage, motivate, and inspire me to be the best professional dancer I can be.


Noemie Gschwendtner, Trainee

Since I joined SLK Ballet in 2018, Sara Knight has been an incredibly strong force of light and positivity in my life. Not only does she does she approach every day with resilience and determination, but she has taught her students to do the same; both inside and outside of the dance studio. In fact, I can say with unwavering certainty that I would be neither the dancer, nor the person I am today without the positive influence of Sara Knight.


In a world that is becoming increasingly digital and instantaneous, it is rare to find someone who is both so patient and passionate about teaching an art form such as ballet, and someone does so in such an inspirational way. The work environment Ms Knight creates is nurturing, motivating and encourages each dancer to strive to be the best they know they can be. Even in the moments when we have lost faith in our ability to succeed, Ms Knight never has, and has always been there to remind us of our potential, and for that, I will always be grateful.

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