You have the ability to help keep the dreams and aspirations of future dancers and choreographers alive and flourishing with your donations. YOU make the difference.  YOUR support is what keeps Chevalier Ballet present and able to serve the youth of our community and beyond.

Chevalier Ballet, LLC operates through the Hudson River Music Hall, a not-for-profit performing arts organization. Ticket sales cover only a portion of our costs, so we depend greatly on the generous support of individual contributions, foundation and government grants, and corporate sponsorship. Chevalier Ballet cannot do what it does on the basis of ticket sales alone. We rely on the support of donors to provide exceptional programs to our community and beyond as well as to help nurture and expand the future of dance.


Friends of Chevalier Ballet is a membership program that gives businesses and individuals the opportunity to support Chevalier Ballet, ensuring that Chevalier Ballet continues to fulfill its mission. We hope you will please consider joining other dedicated and passionate individuals who share your love of dance.


Donations levels for Friends of Chevalier Ballet are:

$10+ Contributor

$50+ Donor

$100+ Sponsor 

$250+ Patron

$500+ Benefactor 

$1,000+ Silver Stage

$5,000+ Golden Stage

$15,000+ Diamond Stage


OR, if you would like to become a sponsor of a particular artist, you may choose to enter The Artists’ Circle program to Sponsor an Artist. Artist sponsorship is one of the most rewarding ways to invest both in Chevalier Ballet and in the future of the incredibly gifted artists who share their talents with the community each year. Simply include the name of the artist you would like to sponsor on the donation submission. We thank you on behalf of the artists that will benefit from your generosity!

We hope you will join at whatever level you feel you can. All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE if made through the Hudson River Music Hall for Chevalier Ballet.


Donations via Mail

Checks should be made payable to Hudson River Music Hall with Chevalier Ballet (and if you have chosen to sponsor a specific artist please also include the Artist's Name) noted on the check. Checks should be mailed to:


10 Maple St.

Hudson Falls, NY 12839


Donations Online

Making a gift online is quick and easy. Donate by following the red link to the Chevalier Ballet UK Tour GoFundMe page.

Please be sure to add an Artist's Name in the comments section if you wish to sponsor a specific artist. Or, simply donate through Chevalier Ballet's PayPal Giving Fund



CHEVALIER BALLET  THANKS YOU for any support you can give to its programs, be it in time, financial donation, or creative talents — all are welcomed, and greatly appreciated! Once COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, we invite you to visit us at our studio in NYC, or at The Strand Theatre in Hudson Falls, NY when we are in residence.


With your help, we look forward to bringing you more great experiences this season.